If you need someone who can provide well-researched and carefully recorded work from their own studio, minimizing final editing work on your end, check out what Kevin Colebank, CEO of TANTOR MEDIA, Inc. has to say:

"Dick is the consummate professional. He takes on projects others may find daunting, and completes the work quickly - often beating seemingly impossible deadlines - without any sacrifice to quality. His astounding characterizations bring our books to life. Here at Tantor, he's developed a reputation as something of a miracle worker."

Or Eileen Hutton, Vice President and Associate Publisher of BRILLIANCE AUDIO, who says:

Fast, flawless, and professional are words that usually do not come attached to great talent, but the Golden Voice of Dick Hill - instantly recognizable to audiobook fans - is the greatest benefit to any production.  Dick Hill is the real thing.

Or Margy Bauman of "Redwood Audio":

“In all my years of publishing audiobooks, Dick Hill ranks at the top for his professionalism and for his meticulous work. And what a great narrator!”

(Working with Redwood, Dick has recorded works for McGRAW-HILL AUDIO and FIELD & STREAM

Haila Williams of BLACKSTONE AUDIO says:

"Dick Hill does a phenomenal job of bringing the written word to life. He is a true professional and a joy to work with."

In addition, J.A. KONRATH, creator of the tough, smart, Jack Daniels series, adds…

"Not only do I love Dick Hill, but my listeners love him too. He makes my characters come alive in ways I never thought possible, and I'm the one that wrote their lines."

And finally, a message from one of Dick's fans about the incredible health benefits of listening to his work...

"I walk on my treadmill every day but it is soul-searingly deadly boring without listening to a book at the same time. But some readers make me want to go back to sleep...when I listen to you I can put the incline up to 4. You have no idea what a compliment that is."